Emergency Update

  • What Is a Survival Bracelet and Why Do You Need One?

    If you've ever gone from trekking to camping to hiking and had to switch into survival mode, you know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be. You might not have everything you require on hand, forcing you to improvise.
  • Hiking Survival Kit: Survival Gear Items Every Hiker Should Carry

    Hiking is a fun activity to enjoy solo or with friends and family. For many outdoor enthusiasts, being among the hills and trees is the only way they feel alive. However, what was supposed to be a relaxing and stress-relieving hike can quickly turn into a disaster
  • Why Emergency Preparedness Matters

    Natural disasters, accidents, and tragedies will inevitably occur. While you can't totally avoid these situations, you can prepare for them. When something horrible happens, emergency planning is the simplest approach to minimize the damage.
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Roadside Emergency Kit

    It's critical to be prepared for anything when it comes to keeping oneself safe on the road. While it may be easier to merely bring the necessities when traveling to far-off places by car, you never know when something unexpected could occur, leaving you stranded.
  • How To Build an Underground Bunker in 12 Easy Steps

    Nuclear war? The Apocalypse? World War 3? Countless unanticipated events would necessitate the construction of an underground shelter. Let's take a look at what an underground bunker is and why you might need one before diving into this article on how to build one.
  • How to Prepare for the Next Disaster - The Best Time to Prepare is Today.

    Although we cannot hope to stop a disaster from occurring, especially natural disasters, it is fully within our capacity to prepare for it and mitigate the damage it incurs. Today, we’re going to provide a detailed guide on how you and your family can prepare for the next big disaster.
  • 10 Safety Tips for Families Dealing with a Pandemic

    While Covid-19 and the spread of coronavirus is a real tragedy that has unexpectedly affected us all in the new decade, it’s true that emergencies, such as this global pandemic, give us the opportunity to reflect. Now, more than ever, we can realize that anything unfortunate can hit home.
  • 7 Emergencies to Prepare for in 2021

    With no end in sight, what will happen with the pandemic in 2021? Could it impact other areas of the economy and everyday life? These are the questions that we, as preppers, need to ask ourselves – this ensures that we stay ahead of an emergency or a crisis.