About Us

When the unexpected happens, we want you to be ready. Our goal here at Emergency USA is to help people be prepared – for any of life’s emergencies.

As the name implies, Emergency USA provides the essential information and resources people are reaching for during pandemics, natural disasters, unexpected home emergencies and much more. More importantly, we help families and businesses be ready when life’s challenges require a change of plans, challenges like illness, injuries, job loss, home loss and much more.

Aside from emergency preparedness products, we also offer emergency resources like checklists and guides that will come in handy during an emergency, or even while you’re traveling.

Our experts have experienced emergencies first-hand, so we know what you need to be prepared and ready if the time comes. Our first goal is to help you find what you need – whether that be information or products. If that results in an order from you – that’s great! Welcome to the Emergency USA family! If it only results in you being informed and prepared as we intended – again, welcome to the family!

If you have questions while shopping or making your own emergency preparedness plans, feel free to contact us! We have experts ready to assist you wherever you need.