What Is a Survival Bracelet and Why Do You Need One?


If you've ever gone from trekking to camping to hiking and had to switch into survival mode, you know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be. You might not have everything you require on hand, forcing you to improvise.

Depending on your luck, you might be able to find a few necessities close by. When participating in any of these activities, wearing a survival bracelet is the best way to boost your chances of survival. In this blog, we'll go over what these essential survival tools are and why you need one.


What Are Survival Bracelets?

 An Emergency USA Survival bracelet in the brown color showing all the features

Credit: Emergency USA


Paracord survival bracelets are made from woven nylon parachute rope. These bracelets are incredibly sturdy. A high-end military-grade parachute cord can support heavy weights of up to 550 pounds. These compact yet powerful gadgets are renowned for being outdoor survival tools that assist people in a range of emergency situations. Survivalists, hikers, climbers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts all use the wristbands. Other names for a survival bracelet include a 550 cord bracelet, a parachute, or a paracord bracelet.


Uses of Paracord Bracelets


Here are 7 versatile ways you can use a paracord survival bracelet:


1)  Outdoor First Aid

 A person with a stick from a tree tied tightly round his wrist with the paracord

Credit: Outdoor Life


One of the best uses for a paracord bracelet is to use it for first-aid. Here is a useful rundown of typical uses:




During a survival situation or camping trip, you can use a paracord to make an emergency tourniquet by tying a knot above a wound and pulling it tight until the blood stops flowing.




To brace an injured limb or joint, use soft padding and a hard object, like a pole or a solid branch, connected with a paracord.




A paracord bracelet can be easily used to build an emergency sling by wrapping it around the wounded person's neck, connecting it to their wrist, and attaching it to their elbow. To avoid chafing, just be sure to put some padding between the cord and the wounded person's neck.


2)  Create a Shelter

 A person lying in a makeshift tent constructed with the paracord bracelet

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Makeshift tents can be constructed with survival bands. You can quickly put together a tent by connecting branches together to create a lean-to shelter by unweaving a few of the paracords from the bracelet.


3)  Catching Fish

 A person fishing in the lake with a makeshift rod that he made

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If you ever find yourself alone in the woods and having difficulty catching live bait, you can make a useful fishing line out of a small strand of your paracord strap. As an alternative, you can build a net by removing the strands from your bracelet.


4)  Belts, Suspenders, and Boot Laces

 A lady using the cord to tie her boot laces again

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A damaged boot lace can be quickly replaced with the inner strands of your bracelet. Additionally, the cord can be quickly turned into a belt or a pair of suspenders to hold your pants up.


5)  Mapping a Path

 Using the red cord to mark where you have come from so you can find your way out again

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It's easy to get lost in the wilderness, especially if you don't have any sort of electronic device, GPS, or compass. To ensure that you know how to safely return home without getting lost in the forest, you can make marks on trees. Just tie a few lengths of paracord to the trees you pass.


6)  Life-saving Knots

 Three different kinds of survival knots using cord

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If you know how to tie knots with your survival bracelet, it will become 10 times handier. Start with the fisherman's knot, the half-hitch, prusik knot, conventional clove, and trucker's hitch. You'll be astonished at how different survival knots can help you get out of tricky circumstances or even save a life once you get the knack of knot-tying.


7)  Peace of Mind

 A lady looking out across the lake at the mountains on the other side

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This may not seem to have a direct connection to the survival bracelet, but it does. If you are in the woods and only have the shirt on your back, you can begin to worry. However, you can feel secure if you have a survival bracelet on your wrist, especially if it has built-in features.


What Qualities Should a Paracord Bracelet Have?


When choosing to buy your own survival bracelet online, make sure to take the following considerations in mind:


1) Fire-Starting Kit

 A person starting a fire with twigs and leaves using the fire steel

Credit: Emergency USA


Starting a fire is among the most crucial things you must do before dusk falls. To make the entire process much more comfortable, make sure that your paracord bracelet comes equipped with a fire-steel and a rod striker.


2) Compass

 A person using their paracord bracelet compass to get their direction

Credit: Emergency USA


Many survival bracelets have built-in compass buckles, which is a useful feature. Even if these compasses aren't intended for precise or intricate navigation, having a backup method of self-orientation is always a plus.


3) Emergency Whistle

 A yellow bracelet and cord with a yellow background

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You'll need a way to reach out to people if you accidentally fall and hurt yourself. The best way to alert others of presence is by using a whistle. 


4) Knife Blade

 A paracord bracelet showing where the knife is located

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The next, and arguably most important, aspect to look for when purchasing a paracord is a knife blade. This will not only assist you with a variety of duties around the tent but it can also be used as a weapon of self-defense.


5) LED Light

 A paracord bracelet with the LED light on

Credit: Naiyue


When it's dark and you're far from your tent, having an LED light on your wrist is quite useful. Typically, this feature can be found on some expensive, high-end paracord bracelets.


6) Wrist Measurement

 Four Emergency USA paracord bracelets in different colors on a tree bark

Credit: Emergency USA


Before buying a survival bracelet, make sure to keep the wrist measurement in mind. You don't want to spend money on a survival bracelet that does not fit you. Make sure to measure your wrist circumference before selecting a bracelet and select your size accordingly. This is crucial particularly if the bracelet is not adjustable.




Survival bracelets are a camper's best friend. If you're looking for an all-in-one affordable bracelet that has all of the additional features you need to survive in the wilderness, have a look at Emergency USA. This adjustable camping bracelet comes with a 10.5-inch circumference and fits almost any wrist size. It is made of high-quality materials and includes a loud whistle, a fire starter, and a high-accuracy compass. This modest gadget will never let you down.