What Is a Survival Bracelet and Why Do You Need One?


If you've ever gone from trekking, camping, or hiking to suddenly needing to survive in the wilderness, you know how tough and uncomfortable it can be. You might not have all the gear you need, and you have to make do with what's available.

Sometimes luck might help you find a few things nearby, but to increase your chances of survival during these activities, wearing a survival bracelet is a smart move. In this blog, we'll explain what these essential survival tools are and why having one is so crucial.


What Are Survival Bracelets? 



Survival bracelets are tough wristbands made from strong nylon parachute rope. A top-notch military-grade parachute cord can hold up to a whopping 550 pounds of weight. These handy gadgets are famous for being useful outdoor survival tools that come in handy during emergency situations. They are often used by survivalists, hikers, climbers, campers, and adventure enthusiasts. They're also called 550 cord bracelets, parachute bracelets, or paracord bracelets.


How to Use a Paracord Bracelet


Here are 7 versatile ways you can use a paracord survival bracelet:


1)  Outdoor First Aid

 A person with a stick from a tree tied tightly round his wrist with the paracord

Credit: Outdoor Life


A paracord bracelet can be super useful in first-aid situations. Here are some simple ways to use it:




If you're in a survival or camping emergency and someone is bleeding, you can use the paracord to make a tourniquet. Just tie a knot above the wound and pull it tight until the bleeding stops.




Paracord bracelets can also work as splints during a survival situation. To support an injured limb or joint, use some soft padding and a sturdy object like a pole or a strong branch, connected with the paracord.




You can easily create an emergency sling with a paracord bracelet. Wrap it around the injured person's neck, connect it to their wrist, and attach it to their elbow. To prevent chafing, make sure to put some padding between the cord and the neck.


2) Makeshift Tents

 A person lying in a makeshift tent constructed with the paracord bracelet

Credit: Envato Elements/ ivankmit


Survival bands can help you build makeshift tents. Quickly assemble a tent by connecting branches together to form a lean-to shelter using a few strands from the bracelet.


3) Fishing Line

 A person fishing in the lake with a makeshift rod that he made

Credit: Envato Elements/ Light Field Studios


If you're in the wilderness and need to catch fish for food, use a small strand from your paracord bracelet as a fishing line. As an alternative, you can craft a net by unraveling the strands from your bracelet.


4) Belts, Suspenders, and Boot Laces

 A lady using the cord to tie her boot laces again

Credit: Envato Elements/ przemekklos


If your boot lace breaks, you can replace it with the inner strands of your bracelet. Additionally, the cord may be quickly turned into a belt or a pair of suspenders to hold your pants up.


5) Mapping a Path

 Using the red cord to mark where you have come from so you can find your way out again

Credit: Wallpaper Flare


It's easy to get lost in the wilderness, especially if you don't have any sort of electronic device, GPS, or compass. To ensure that you find your way back, mark trees with lengths of paracord as you pass by.


6) Life-Saving Knots

 Three different kinds of survival knots using cord

Credit: Envato Elements/ Aeril001


Learning to tie knots with your survival bracelet can be incredibly helpful. Start with knots like the fisherman's knot, half-hitch, prusik knot, conventional clove hitch, and trucker's hitch. Knowing these knots can get you out of tricky situations or even save a life.


7)  Peace of Mind

 A lady looking out across the lake at the mountains on the other side

Credit: Envato Elements/ kitzstocker


Lastly, even though it might not seem directly related to the survival bracelet, it matters a lot. Imagine you're in the woods with just the clothes you're wearing. It's easy to get anxious. But having a survival bracelet on your wrist, especially one with built-in features, can give you a sense of security.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Paracord Bracelet


When choosing to buy your own survival bracelet online for a camping trip, make sure to take the following considerations in mind:


1) Fire-Starting Kit

 A person starting a fire with twigs and leaves using the fire steel

Credit: Emergency USA


One of the most important things that you must do before darkness sets is to start a fire. To make the entire process easier, make sure that your paracord bracelet comes equipped with a fire-steel and a rod striker.


2) Compass

 A person using their paracord bracelet compass to get their direction

Credit: Emergency USA


Lots of survival bracelets come with in-built compass buckles, which can be really handy. While these compasses may not be super accurate for detailed navigation, having a backup way to figure out which way you're going is always a good thing.


3) Emergency Whistle

 A yellow bracelet and cord with a yellow background

Credit: Envato Elements/ garloon


It's important to have a way to call for help if you get hurt. The best way to do that is by having a whistle.


4) Knife Blade

 A paracord bracelet showing where the knife is located

Credit: Envato Elements/ iStock


The next, and arguably most important, aspect to look for when purchasing a paracord is a knife blade. It can help you with many tasks around your camp, and it can also be used for self-defense if you're in a dangerous situation.


5) LED Light

 A paracord bracelet with the LED light on

Credit: Naiyue


Having an LED light on your wrist can be really handy when it's dark and you're far from your tent. Typically, this feature is included on some expensive, high-end paracord bracelets.


6) Wrist Measurement

 Four Emergency USA paracord bracelets in different colors on a tree bark

Credit: Emergency USA


Before you buy a survival bracelet, remember to think about the size of your wrist. You don't want to waste money on a survival bracelet that doesn't fit you. So, measure your wrist circumference before picking a bracelet, and make sure to choose the right size. This is especially important if the bracelet isn't adjustable.


FAQs About Survival Bracelets


Q1: Can survival bracelets be used more than once?


Yes, survival bracelets made from high-quality paracord can be unraveled and used multiple times for various purposes. However, if the bracelet includes a fire-starter or a blade, those components may have limited use depending on how they are used.


Q2: Are survival bracelets waterproof?


Most paracord bracelets are made from nylon, which is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. The cord will not be damaged by water, but it may take time to dry if fully soaked.


Q3: How do you clean a survival bracelet?


A: You can clean a paracord bracelet with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the fibers of the cord. Air-dry the bracelet completely before storing it.


Q4: Can the paracord in survival bracelets hold human weight?


High-quality paracord bracelets are made from 550 cords, which can hold up to 550 pounds of weight. This makes them strong enough for many emergency uses, but they should not be used for climbing or lifting heavy loads where failure could result in injury or death.




Survival bracelets, or paracord bracelets, are essential tools for outdoor adventurers, offering a multitude of uses from first aid to shelter building. They provide peace of mind and practical support in emergencies, with features like fire-starting kits and compasses enhancing their utility. These bracelets are a must-have for anyone venturing into the wilderness, combining safety with convenience in a compact form.

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