What Is a Paracord Bracelet Used for? | 8 Ways to Use a Paracord Bracelet


Paracord bracelets, also known as survival bracelets, have recently gained popularity as a fashion accessory. Although these bracelets come in a wide range of designs and variations, their primary function is to support you in a survival situation. Whether you enjoy being outside or are a serious hiker or camper, here are the many ways you can use this handy survival tool.


8 Ways to Use a Paracord Bracelet


There are endless applications for a paracord survival bracelet, but let's look at the top 8 applications to demonstrate how useful and versatile a survival bracelet can be for any hiker or prepper:


1)  Use It When Fishing

 A man at the lake fishing

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Parachute cord bracelets can be used to create a fishing net, an improvised bait, and other things. Even the smaller inner strands of the bracelet can be used when you need to cast a line to catch some fish in an emergency.


2)  Use It to Make a Snare Trap

 A tree that has a snare tied around one of the branches

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Even if you are unsuccessful at fishing, if you have a paracord bracelet, you are still in luck when it comes to finding food. In addition to acting as a fishing line or net, your survival bracelet can also be readily converted into a snare trap. To make a snare trap, you will need to make a type of noose that small animals can run into and get caught in.


3)  Use It to Build an Emergency Shelter

 A shelter made out of twigs and branches

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In some survival situations, you might have to spend the night outside in the wilderness. If you have access to tree branches, you can quickly assemble a paracord emergency shelter. To do this, you need to lash branches together, untangle the paracord and use it as a rope. Wearing a paracord bracelet in such a situation could save your life.


4)  Use It to Fix Your Gear

 Some shoes outside the tent with two people inside the tent

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If you're planning a lengthy wilderness expedition, you probably have some gear with you that could break. If you have a paracord bracelet, you can use the inner thread to patch up rips and holes in your bags, clothing, and backpack. The cord can also be used to create a temporary belt and replace frayed boot laces.


5)  Use It to Make a Tourniquet

 A lady sitting on the ground holding her ankle with the man holding her

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Having medical supplies on hand might literally be the difference between life and death when it comes to survival. Although a paracord bracelet is not an essential first aid item, it is a crucial item of survival gear that can be used as a tourniquet to stop bleeding in an emergency.


6)  Use It to Move Heavy Objects

 A paracord tied around some wood

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The majority of survival straps or paracord bracelets have a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs, which is why they are sometimes referred to as "550 cords." Because of their capacity to carry a lot of weight, these bracelets can be used to haul anything from firewood to game.


7)  Use It to Start a Fire

 A fire made out of twigs and branches in an open space

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In the event of an emergency or catastrophe, being able to start a fire is crucial. Of course, lighting a fire with a lighter or a pair of matches is the simplest method. However, there is no guarantee that these tools will be accessible during an emergency situation. In such a situation, you can use a parachute cord bracelet to light a fire by using the fire drill method. This method depends on friction to ignite a flame. To do this, fasten your 550 cord to a bow and loop it around a spindle. To ignite a fire, bury the spindle in the bottom of a baseboard.


8)  Use It to Find Your Way Back Home

 Two people in a forest looking at a map to get back

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If you don't have a GPS or other electrical devices, it's easy to get lost in the wilderness. To ensure that you know how to safely return home without getting lost in the forest, you can use your paracord bracelet to make marks on trees. To do this, just fasten a few pieces of paracord to the trees you pass.




Paracord bracelets can be used for almost anything that requires a rope or thread. Additionally, making paracord bracelets is quite easy. If you don't have the time to make your own bracelet, check out Emergency USA. This adjustable camping bracelet can fit almost any wrist size thanks to its 10.5-inch circumference. Additionally, it is made of premium materials and includes a compass, a fire starter, and a loud whistle. Shop with Emergency USA today to receive exclusive offers.