The Ultimate Guide to Emergency Sleeping Bags


Even though an unplanned night in the wilderness is uncommon, you should still be ready for it. The best way to be ready is to have an emergency sleeping bag. However, not every sleeping bag is suitable for every situation.

In this post, we'll go over everything you need to know about picking the best emergency sleeping bag as well as our top picks.


What to Look for in an Emergency Sleeping Bag


A regular sleeping bag is not the same as an emergency sleeping bag. While an emergency sleeping bag aims to keep you alive and prevent hypothermia, a regular sleeping bag aims to keep you cozy and warm. Since these bags are so different from regular sleeping bags, here are a few factors that you need to consider when shopping for an emergency sleeping bag:


1) Temperature Rating

 A lady with a bright orange and red sleeping bag holding a bright blue flask in the snow

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Your choice of sleeping bag should be heavily influenced by the typical temperatures in your area. You don't want to spend money on a bag that is suitable for temperatures above 15 degrees if you live somewhere where the average winter low is 10 degrees.


2) Sleeping Bag Size

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Each of us is built differently. If you are taller, heavier, or both, you might want to double-check your sleeping bag measurements. If you are smaller, you might be able to purchase a child's or teen's-sized sleeping bag. Depending on your demands, choose the right size for your sleeping bag.


3) Portability

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It's crucial to think about portability when purchasing a sleeping bag for emergencies. A large sleeping bag is not something anyone likes to carry around, especially when hiking in the great outdoors. It's normally advised to purchase a lightweight, foldable emergency sleeping bag. Make sure the one you select will fit conveniently in your bug-out bag.


4) Ease Of Use

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One of the most crucial considerations when buying emergency sleeping bags is the ease of use. It should be simple to use and not need hours of reading manuals or instructions. The simpler, the better!


5) Durability

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Because you'll need your sleeping bag in an emergency, durability is crucial. Always choose a mylar emergency sleeping bag since these bags have exceptional strength and can resist extreme weather.


The Best Emergency Sleeping Bags


Now that you know what factors to consider when buying an emergency sleeping bag, let's look at the best emergency sleeping bags on the market:


1)  Emergency USA Emergency Sleeping Bag

 A bright orange Emergency USA sleeping bag

Credit: Emergency USA


Are you looking for reliable mylar sleeping bags for the cold weather? The Emergency USA mylar emergency blanket and sleeping bag are small enough to fit in your palm but spacious enough to fit a person who is 7 feet tall. The sleeping bag features a survival hook, compass, and emergency whistle.

The Emergency USA sleeping bags are made of tear- and puncture-resistant Mylar and provide durability even in harsh conditions. It reflects 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm while you use it. The sleeping bag incorporates a stuff sack that allows for extremely compact packing. Because of its compactness and weight, this is a great option for travel.


2)  90% Reflective Lightweight Emergency Bivvy from S.O.L.

 A bright orange SOL sleeping bag with its packaging

Credit: S.O.L.


Due to its high level of functionality, this emergency bag from S.O.L can be relied upon under extreme circumstances. In contrast to conventional Mylar materials, the material on this bivvy sack allows for ventilation. This is important since other non-breathable systems might enable perspiration and humidity to build up inside the pack, reducing body heat.

The S.O.L Emergency Bivvy is windproof and waterproof and has a hood to keep the user's head warm. It can reflect up to 90% of the user's body heat. Because the pack is bright orange, it will be easier for rescuers to find you.


3)  Esky Emergency Sleeping Bag

 Two orange Emergency bivvy sleeping bag from Esky

Credit: Esky


These two-pack thermal bivvy sacks from Esky are waterproof, lightweight, and equipped with a compass and a loud survival whistle for emergencies. They are designed for adults and have a strap for carrying ease. Their Mylar exterior offers protection from inclement weather and reflects 90% of body heat to offer the best defense. The item is 84 x 36 inches and weighs 9 oz.


4)  Zmoon Survival Sleeping Bag

 Two orange Zmoon survival sleeping bags with a lady sleeping in one

Credit: Zmoon


These thermal bivvy sacks from Zmoon are reinforced with taped seams to protect you from inclement weather. They are waterproof, windproof, and tear-resistant. These small nylon sleeping bags can serve as a windbreaker, ground cover, rain poncho, emergency shelter, and snowmelt container. Each bag has dimensions of 80 x 35 inches and a weight of 4.1oz and come with a convenient carry bag.




Have you ever had to spend an unexpected night out? If you have, you know the importance of keeping an emergency sleeping bag close by. We hope that this article has helped you in deciding which emergency sleeping bag to purchase. Check out our store to purchase additional emergency supplies. At Emergency USA, we make sure that you are prepared to handle any emergency.